Success Stories

It gives us a real thrill when we hear from our members about their successes. Knowing we've helped people find friendship & romance is a great feeling, so if you've met somebody you care about through us, we'd love to hear from you...please email us at success [at]

Here are some of our latest members' comments from across all of our dating communities which we're very, very proud to share with you!

Old friends?

I have been using FreeandSingle for 8 months now, and have recently “bumbed” into a friend I lost touch with from school. We haven’t seen each other for 12 years. We have been emailing and talking on the phone, and are meeting up in London in a couple of weeks. I would never have bumped into him unless I had used the internet, so thank you for enabling this to happen! M. R., Warwickshire.

Newcomer to Internet Dating

Thanks for attracting me to internet dating. I am now enjoying meeting face to face with a number of people I have been writing to on the dating site. It is a great way to get introductions going, and if you have the right frame of mind, meeting up is a real pleasure! Brian, Maidstone.

A new beginning for Julia

Dear FS. I have started dating a man I have met on your dating site and would like to cancel my membership until further notice. Thanks for helping make it happen! Julia P. Goring, Berks.

Summer lovin’

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have had such a wonderful summer with Scott, who I met on your site. I would like to cancel my membership with immediate notice, as I really don’t need to look any further. Yours, Cindy, Birmingham.

Please cancel my membership...

I am sure you receive many cancellations from satisfied members, the time has come for me to do the same. I met Janet through your site, and things are going really well between us, so if you wouldn’t mind terminating my membership, I would much appreciate it. Kind regards, Philip, Worcestershire.

A sceptic who found friendship...

Hi. I was really sceptical about online dating, but a few friends had done it and recommended I try out your site. Well, it took a while, and I met some very nice people on here, but I think I’ve found someone who I’d like to get to know a lot more. Thank you for what you’ve done, but please can you cancel my membership for now? I hope I won’t be back, but I will recommend you to my other single friends. John, Winchester.

A breath of fresh Denmark!

Jeni and I have been seeing each other now for three months, and they’ve been like a breath of fresh air. We’re off to Denmark for our first’s hoping it goes well. Frank, Didsbury

Never say never...

Dear Paula. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me through MFS. Having been divorced for four years, I didn’t think I’d ever be ready to let another man into my life, but NEVER is a long time, I’ve found! I haven’t let my guard down yet, but this gorgeous man I’ve met has definitely got promise. Wish me luck! Janet, London

James found a special lady...

At 43, it’s hard to find someone you would like to have a relationship with. All the good women are taken, I thought. Anyone who isn’t must have skeletons in the cupboard, I thought. My best friend directed me to your site seven months ago, and from that point on all my original thoughts were dashed! I have made new friends, met many interesting and fascinating people, and fallen for one very special lady. It’s very early doors, but we are getting on really well, and I’m asking if you can please freeze my membership for a while? Many thanks for all you’ve done. James, Manchester

Looking for a confident man...

The best bit about your site is that I could choose the type of gentleman I was looking for. I wanted someone who was happy in his own skin, confident and independent. I was also looking for someone who was sporty and interested in the same things as me. And, do you know, I think I’ve found him!!! Thanks everyone. Madge, Cardiff

Another happy member...

Hi. I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I will no longer be subscribing to Mature Free and Single, as I have met a fantastic man, and we are now in a relationship together. I was a member for 9 months, and he had been on the site for about the same time. We have been dating in real life now for nearly 2 months, and things are going really well. Thank you for the opportunity to meet such a lovely man. Gina, Hartlepool.

We've helped Frank hit it off...

Membership team. Thanks to everyone at your site for enabling me to meet Sandra. She and I hit it off by email straight away, although it was her photo that grabbed my attention. We have been seeing each other properly now for nearly 6 months, and as my annual membership is about to expire, I’m afraid I won’t be needing it anymore and won’t be renewing. Thanks again, Frank, Cromer, Norfolk.

Life can go on...

I am writing to let you know that I have been having a great time using your website – and have been emailing to all sorts of people. I am now starting to meet up with people I have been chatting with, which I am really looking forward to, as i have much in common with many of them. Since my husband died, I had been very lonely, and found it difficult to meet new people – but this site has given me the confidence to be me again, firstly by email, then by phone, and now attending interest groups and meetings. The membership fees have been well worth it, and i will be recommending the site to others! Thank you. Jane, Bristol

Using the Internet to find a soulmate...

I am writing to cancel the renewal of my membership. It has been an eventful year, and I have met about six of the men I have been chatting to on Mature Free and Single. I am now meeting Don, who I met on the site, on a regular basis. We are both busy with our children from previous relationships, and would never have met had we not used the internet to meet new people. We are seeing each other when and where we can, but I have to say it is really exciting embarking on a new relationship! Thank you for making it happen for us, Sue, Wokingham, Berkshire.

And another MFS marriage!!!

Thank you to everyone at Mature Free and Single. Tony (who I met on your site) and I are going to get married. I can’t believe I have met my future husband on the internet! Please can you cancel my membership and not renew again? Thanks again! Louise, Salisbury.

An online dating convert...

I have been reluctant to join a dating site, but have to say that I am meeting some pretty nice people on this one. Well done, you have changed my perception, and I’m enjoying dating! F. B. London.

Thanks from Reading

Please cancel my membership, as I’m now seeing someone I met on this site. Thanks for the introduction! I would never have met him otherwise. Cindy, Reading.

David's back in the swing of things...

I just wanted you to know that I am really pleased I joined this site. I have met some really genuine women, and am back in the swing of dating again after many years of marriage. David F. Canterbury.

Please cancel my membership...

I would like to cancel my membership as I am seeing Tony, who I met on this site on a regular basis now. I’ve had a good experience on this site, once I got the hang of it, and would definitely recommend it to my single friends. Please cancel asap. Kind regards, Mary, Buxton.

"I’ve met someone on here that goes to my local gym!  We’re going to meet up for a workout now we know more about each other!  Really pleased I joined this site."  Rachel, London.

"Meeting a woman who takes care of herself is important to me, and I think this is the first site that caters specifically for sporty people – great idea, and thanks, I look forward to meeting up with some of the ladies I am chatting with." Tony, Cobham

"I have been on this site for 3 months, and had several dates.  It has been really great to meet up with people who you know you have something in common with.  Next week I’m going on a horse riding date!  Thanks for the experience so far!"  Sarah, Dorset.

"Can I please cancel my membership.  I’ve met a girl on your site, and no longer need full membership.  Thanks for the experience."  M Robinson, Powys.